Why Africa Streets is necessary

One billion needy people. Here is a map showing the locations of the last eighty readers who checked into World Streets this morning. It is typical of what we see day after day in this  collaborative international forum.  Hmm. Where is Africa on this map?

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Velo-City Global 2010 Conference opens in Copenhagen (via World Streets / Open Edition)

Velo-City Global 2010 Conference opens in Copenhagen From Morten Lange, Reykjavík on his way to VeloCity 2010. Tomorrow, Tuesday 22 June, the 2010 Velo-City Global Conference opens in Copenhagen, and will last for 4 days. I can warmly recommend taking a look at the program and abstracts available at the web-site, http://www.velo-city2010.com I trust that also for people not attending the conference, the programme and abstracts can supply useful pointers to people working in interesting fields, regarding c … Read More

via World Streets / Open Edition